Linux Audit? Done!

Infrastructure change tracking and audit compliance don't have to be a drag. srvAudit alerts you so you can quickly view changes in your infrastructure while helping meet audit requirements.

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  Audit Controls

Don't let unathorized changes or a surprise audit get you down. srvAudit meets audit control requirements, while integrating with popular tools to alert your team to infrastructure activities and enhancing existing workflows. The days of "asking around" when unexpected changes occur are history.

  Session Upgrade

srvAudit will help your team secure and gain visibility into your IT infrastructure. Supercharge your session history with session notifications and insight into each session with extended session and command metadata. Search session command histories for 1 or 1000 nodes in the same interface.


Get notified of new session activity by srvAudit or any of our integrations such as Slack, and New Relic. Enforce issue-to-login correlation, and send command history to with Github, Gitlab, Jira and Jira Service Desk, or Redmine project management systems. You can even update issue status and add session notes directly from the shell during logout.

  Automatic Audit

srvAudit implements change control at the host login shell - you'll know exactly what was performed during each server login session. We can help your organization meet SAS-70, SSAE16, HIPPA, and other corporate auditing requirements for your Linux based systems.

  Enterprise Cost Savings

srvAudit can help your organization centralize vital change data for easy retrival, enabling lower TCO of infrastructure.

 Simple Change Auditing

Once srvAudit is installed, session start and end times, session history, server information, and more will be sent to srvAudit and supported integrations. Everyone in your organization will be updated when server sessions are initiated and closed.

You'll know what tickets are in progress. You'll know when they started and when they finished. And most importantly, you'll know what the user did.

Post session history and notes to your project management or chat system. Post session timelines into New Relic server and application monitoring.

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srvAudit Features in Action

session start/stop notifications | session and command history | command and session duration | session notes | ticket status updates

Install, Audit, Carry on

 Install Ubuntu 14.04 through 18.04

curl -sSL | sudo sh

Any automated SSH processes will need to send a ticket number after login, using the expect utility, for example.

See our documentation for more information and troubleshooting.